Growing Gutters

ergonomic, non-destructive and sterile production

Hanging or ground supported type of Gutter Systems, having different cross sections depending on the crop to be cultivated and produced locally in one piece along the Greenhouse Spans, not only make your horticultural production ergonomic and more profitable by reducing your labor cost, but also help to warm up the root environment and achieve better airing of the roots by taking the advantage of the airflow, reduce loss of crops by preventing breakage caused by collision of harvesting and cultural processing trolleys. In addition, the risks of diseases are reduced as a good irrigation drainage flow is obtained without algae, and pre-season cleaning and disinfection are very easy.
All kinds of gutter systems accessories such as parrot hooks, stem hooks, bracket hooks, Kit head hook, ground supports are manufactured in Seratek Fabric with CNC machines and the systems are supplied as a completed package with the delivery of the final forms in the greenhouse of the gutter sheets which are shipped in rolls.