CO2 System & Heat Storage Tank

"Increase your Production Capacity and Quality"

During certain periods of the year, especially when the sun's rays are dense and the days are long, the amount of CO2 in the air cannot meet the sunlight energy that the product collects during the photosynthesis process.  Thanks to our CO2 system to be installed, the CO2 which is released with the flue gas and blown to the air, can be obtained from boiler’s chimney  and the deficient amount can be dosed into Greenhouse environment according to the measured and desired CO2 amount.
The use of CO2 will not only increase the production quantity but will also increase the product quality and extend the shelf life which is extremely important for the exporting companies especially for the time lost during transportation.
However, During the daytime CO2 production, there might not be  heat demand from the greenhouse or hot water may be produced in excessive amount of the demand. In this case, hot water storage systems are needed to store the generated hot water to save energy and to meet the extra hot water need that is needed at the coldest (peak) time.
Seratek offers cylindrical, vertical hot water tank solutions up to 5000 m3 volume according to project size and location. The tanks which will also serve as expansion vessel are designed and all steel parts are manufactured in Seratek’s Factory and delivered as ready to be installed on site together with all accessories such as nitrogen generator, suction and vacuum safety valve, level and temperature sensors, external isolation, sailor stairs.